Chonghong Industries Ltd. manufactures its material and components

Production Facilities


Chonghong has experienced techhnologies and unique equipment for sapphire Al2O3 production in China.

We grow optical grade material (Al2O3 99.997%) using high purity aluminum oxide as raw material.

We carry out the following production stages:

crystal growing
mechanical polishing

Chonghong implements mainly Flame Fuse and CZ crystal growing method, that allows to manufacture sapphire boules up to 50 mm diameter. Due to the unique technology of raw material (Al2O3 powder) preliminary preparation Chonghong is able to offer the purest (99,997%)

Our company employs advanced technology and equipment for crystal slicing:

-- wire-sawing for sapphire window slicing
-- sawing for optical parts and watch glass blanks slicing

Both techniques allow Chonghong to choose the most effective method for each application. Fully automatic wire saws enable us to cut sapphire substrates very precisely according to customers' specification.

Our company offers precise grinding and lapping and has developed a proprietary process to achieve minimal material stress and higher yield for final processor. We are capable to achieve perfect flatness and total thickness variation and specialize in tight tolerances.

Chonghong offer high quality, high precision optical polishing of sapphire products, used in a variety of industries.


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