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Manufacturing of sapphire windows,sapphire rods,sapphire tubes and custom made high precision components for Optical,Machinery,Medical, Laser Industry.



We are a leading supplier of synthetic Sapphire & Ruby components for various industrial markets worldwide.

Sapphire Products and Major Application

Sapphire Window Gas & Air Analyzers/Monitors
  High Intensity Xenon Lamps
  UV & IR Detectors
  Bar Code Readers
  View Ports
Sapphire Ball Lens Fiber optic connector
  Bar Code Wand Tips
  Biomedical Applications
Orifice Jewels High Pressure Water Jet
  Flow Restrictors
  Ink Jet Nozzles
  Flow Meters
Sapphire Bearings Gauges & Meters
Ruby Bearings Aircraft Instrumentation
Ring Jewels Flow Meters
Vee Jewels Insulators
Endstones Ball Seats
Cup Jewels Electrical Meter
Specialty Items Microwave Technology
Sapphire Rods Medical Instrumentation,For Sapphire Piston
Sapphire Tubes Laser Surgery
Sapphire Styli Semiconductor
Sapphire Blades Tape Cleaning/Splicing

Fused Quartz Products

We produce fused quartz on customer requirements.

Machining of Ceramic Material

We produce ceramic rods,ceramic tubes on requested.we strongly recomend
that you offer the raw material and we will cut and polish for you.


Custom high precision dicing, machining, lapping and polishing of sapphire, ceramic and other ultra hard material a variety of shapes and configurations.


Variety of shapes and configurations of sapphire, for High Precision Parts, Wave-Guides, Laser-Guides


profile of our own production facilities

Sapphire Ingot
Flame Fuse Growing
CZ Growing 




Sapphire Components

Various Components

Sapphire&Ruby Ball

Capacity:ranging from
0.80 mm to 12 mm in diameter.

Roundness from 10 grade
to 50 grade

Each balls are tested by our advanced roundness test instrument

Click to see the test results for reference.

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