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Sapphire Piston Rods for HPLC replacement parts

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Buffer salts and metals from the HPLC system become imbedded on the surface of the piston seal and gradually wear the surface of the piston rod. Worn regions on the rod will quickly destroy the pump seals. In turn, the seal material gets trapped on the frit at the head of the column, which leads to increased system pressure and/or irregular or poor peak shape. As the piston continues to wear, a leak may develop at the pump.

Any time piston seals are replaced, the piston rod should be inspected with a 10x magnifier or microscope to ensure it does not have wear or scratches. Replace the rod if you observe any glazed regions or scratches.

Our sapphire rods are 100% inspected to ensure that there are no inclusions or other surface defects that may cause premature seal failure.

We are glad to offer qualified piston parts to HPLC producers world wide,the major manufacturer of HPLC,see below list:

Agilent Technologies
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Cecil Instruments
Dionex Corp

Hitachi, Ltd.
PerkinElmer, Inc.
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Varian, Inc.
Waters Corporation





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